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Registering a Business

A business registration is more than just creating an official name for your business. Your business registration serves to identify the type of business formation, that is, the form of tax entity that is being created.

A new business may be incorporated to create an independent tax identity or operated as a sole proprietorship that uses the owner's tax identity. The IRS refers to unincorporated businesses as a "disregarded entity type" business.

Many new businesses operate for years without establishing an indedpendent tax identification through incorporation. The State of Arizona uses the term "Tradename" in reference to IRS "disregarded entity type" businesses.

When you incorporate, form a partnership, or create a cooperative organization, you are establishing a separate legal body that is taxed as an independent entity.

Your choice of business formation is a serious legal matter that demands professional guidance. It is always advisable to consult both a lawyer and a certified public accountant before making your decision.

In many cases, your lawyer will register your business entity for you. However, if you are starting your business using a Tradename registration, the Arizona Secretary of State provides everything you need at

You may also use a third party Incorporation and Registered Agent Service instead of a private attorney. Such services are often able to provide a lower cost alternative incorporate your business or form an LLC. Using a third party service helps to protect your privacy and personal assets, strengthen your company's reputation, and reduce the cost of Registered Agent services.

Business Licenses

State Licensing

If your business will be providing any of a broad range of professional or trades services, you may also need to register or obtain a license. Arizona lacks a cohesive or uniform system for professional and trades licenses. For more information about licensing requirements visit: Arizona Dept of Revenue - Licensing Guide.

County and Local Licensing

Many communities and trading areas also require some form of registration for tax purposes and to ensure the business is operating from a properly zoned location. Contact authorities within your local community for more information.

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